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Enjoy the difference!   Employee Speak
  At Sunbeam, we have a team of highly motivated professionals setting high delivery standards in Indian IT Industry.

This, we believe, is because we go to great lengths to provide an enjoyable workplace where work and play are in a healthy balance.

You, as an employee, will get to enjoy a multi-faceted atmosphere that encourages you to mature into a highly skilled, well-balanced professional.
Arundati K: well i would take this as an opportunity to give my thanks to centris . At one point of time I thought my career almost came to an end but centris gave me hand and has put me back into this software industry. Not only career it gave me hope and confidence too. I also appreciate the way you care for your employees.
Nitin Tiwari Sunbeam Technologies is one of the esteemed organizations in India, which provides you an appropriate environment to become a niche software specialist in java, .net and Testing technologies”. There is a saying in english, “Art is where heart is” I believe that this is suitable to our organization.
Suhash Gaikwad: "No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude." I am honored and proud to extend my sincere appreciation and Congratulations to Sunbeam Technologies

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